A Message From Dr. Ekedede

Dr. Ekedede-HeadshotBrain injury is a devastating illness in many aspects not only to the patient but to the country at large. Its impact goes way beyond the scope of our imagination, for example: good health is lost, family and community experience economic loss, emotional, psychological and social devastation and there are also tremendous legal implications in some cases (especially in traumatic brain injury).

This foundation came about as a concrete means to helping the patient and their loved ones with a more holistic healing and helping the public at large by creating awareness, training of manpower and providing infrastructure for the treatment of these injuries. It is the wish of all the founding trustees that our people take brain injury seriously. Demont Mitchell’s accident ultimately was the catalyst that fueled the launching of this foundation. His story is touching and compelling and we wish him a complete recovery.

Brain injury has no respect for sex, age, colour or social status. Therefore we are calling all men and women of good will to assist us in this venture.

I am very proud of the quality of men and women on our board of trustees and I am ever grateful for their support and to have this foundation named after us.

As we move ahead in our quest in making this beautiful country a better place for all, we expect that the benefit from this foundation will have a far reaching impact beyond our shores.

You may be pleased to know that this foundation is also incorporated in the USA making it one of the first of its kind in The Bahamas.

I am very thankful to God for his mercies and blessings in my life, to my lovely wife Rebeca who has been there for me in every way for all these years encouraging and supporting me, to my daughter Daniela and son Magnus for their deep love and understanding, to my mother and the whole family on both sides for their unconditional love and support, to all my patients who have loved and believed in me in an indescribable manner, to the trustees of the Mitchell/Ekedede foundation –Hon Tommy Turnquest and Very intelligent Attorney Johanna Mayson (co-chairs), Anthony Ferguson, Larry Wilson, Craig Gomez, Dwayne Gibson, Fabian Thurston, Zonya Mitchell and Matthew Mitchell for their professionalism, hard work and integrity which have marked their lives, to my office staff – Jan, Nickia, Deleka and Deyontalay for their dedication, to all my friends for their encouragement , to my PMH AND DH family and finally to the people of the Bahamas for adopting me as their own, I hope the establishment of this foundation is a small way to continue to express my gratitude to them.

Thank you and God bless,

Dr. Magnus Ekedede