Neuro-Rehab Facility

Constructing a world-class neuro rehabilitation centre in the Bahamas is a top priority.

The Foundation seeks to provide greater and more immediate access to neuro-rehabilitation and aspires to construct a world-class neuro-rehab facility in The Bahamas.

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Bahamian patients who can afford vitally important neuro-rehab often travel to centers in the US for periods up to 6 weeks or more. During this time, patients must board in the facility and their family members must rent hotel rooms or apartments to stay close. These expenses not only increase the cost of their care, but the patient is isolated from the hub of their complete family and friends and this can decrease recovery and can also become a strain on the care givers. A local facility would provide out-patient capabilities thereby reducing expenses and allowing patients to return to the comfort of their home where they are surrounded by familiar places and faces.

If 25% of annual Bahamian TBI patients (157 patients) travel to the US to undergo neuro-rehab at a rate of about $375,000 per patient, then the total dollars leaving our country would be about $5.5 million annually. Having a facility in The Bahamas would not only be convenient for patients, it would stop the financial hemorrhage leaking out of our country by keeping funds locally based. This also has a trickledown effect on the cost of local health insurance – if costs are kept in check, then chances are premiums can be more affordable and a greater body of people may be able to obtain and maintain coverage.

We aim to provide a top-rated neuro-rehab facility whereby the latest technology and therapies are successfully implemented so that our recovery rates are considered some of the highest in the world. With this level of care, we hope to attract TBI patients from around the globe thereby giving rise to a form of medical tourism.