Outreach Programs

Many of our programs are currently in development and need your financial support. Your donations will help us increase the amount of money we are able to direct to these vital support programs and critical research for traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Foundation hopes to improve the lives for those living with TBI around the world. Please make a tax-deductible donation today, so that we can continue to change the lives of all those affected by TBI through our vital programs.

Surveillance and Survey – Statistical Measurement Program:

Full brain injury statistics are not yet captured for The Bahamas (although Dr. Magnus Ekedede does have some data regarding traumatic brain injury and hypertensive hemorrhage). In the absence of hard facts and numbers regarding brain injury in The Bahamas, The Foundation intends to create a research group to produce a base statistical report on the incidence and prevalence of brain injury in The Bahamas.

We hope to partner with international bodies such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA or the United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO), along with the Bahamas Department of Statistics to organize a surveillance and survey report on the incidence and prevalence of brain injury in The Bahamas. This way, we will know what the statistics are for brain injury and we will be able to measure our impact in 10 years (our mission is to reduce brain injury in The Bahamas so we need to have a valid starting point).

Awareness and Prevention Programs:

The Foundation has a treasure trove of exciting and memorable programs created to raise awareness and prevention of brain injury. Here is a brief glimpse of the programs that we have lined up:

Television Infomercial Series

Watch, listen and learn from the compelling and moving stories of Bahamian brain injury survivors. The Foundation will host a 30 minute time slot on a local television station dedicated to raising brain injury awareness by integrating human interest stories with prevention messages and keys of good health.

“Take the Pledge” Campaign

Pledge to support brain injury awareness and prevention.

“Head’s Up” or “Protect what Matters” Campaign

Campaign to promote the use of helmets.

“Surviving and Thriving” Campaign

Campaign to advocate better facilities and assistance for brain injury survivors and to promote employment of survivors.

“Let’s Face It” Campaign

Help put a “face” to brain injury by sharing a photo and a personal story about how brain injury affects you (are you a brain injury survivor, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, caregiver, friend?). If so, this program will help you.

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury in the Youth

Develop campaigns to decrease TBI risk factors in the youth such as drinking while driving, talking on the cell phone while driving, texting while driving and driving while sleepy.

“Helping Seniors Live a Better, Longer Life” Campaign

An initiative to raise awareness among children and other caregivers of senior citizens about ways to prevent, recognize, and respond to TBI and ABI in adults aged 75 years and older.

“Brain Bee” Campaign

This is a national competition in the US. High School students test their knowledge of the human brain including such topics as intelligence, emotions, memory, sleep, vision, hearing, sensations, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, addictions and brain research. The competition involves orals, a neuroanatomy laboratory practical with real human brains, neurohistology with microscopes, brain imaging identification and patient diagnosis with nurse actors.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

By Proclamation of The Prime Minister, the Foundation will establish an intensive month of awareness and prevention programs to educate, entertain and get the message out that brain injury is a serious problem which can be prevented.

Facilitation of Careers in Neuro-Sciences

Our Foundation is working to stop the “brain drain” in The Bahamas. We hope to stimulate excitement and wonder in the minds of the youth and provide scholarships to college-bound students wishing to pursue a career in neuro-sciences.

We aim to target the aspiring physio therapist, aquatic therapist, occupational therapist, physiatrist, speech and language pathologist, neuro-nurse, neuro-psychologist, neurologist or neurosurgeon. We expect that after graduation, scholarship recipients would return to The Bahamas where they will be provided with a job at our world-class neuro-rehab facility thereby completing the circle and advancing the overall objectives of The Foundation.